roses & resentment
amanda louise. eighteen years of age. graphic design student. art and music enthusiast. part time day-dreamer.

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Cape Woods by pctBK on Flickr.
They mistook me for illumination — a revenant in walking shoes — so I gathered significance and spread text… stood beneath the seven cardinal points with arms upraised — practical telepathy — in a white paper suit like a flag of surrender, thunder at my back… I was an open man of the open streets — a burnished sieve of common purpose — scrawled on walls, thrashed cans and blasted caps for equivalence. I wasn’t alone — the boulevards teemed with wiggly kids and mooing parents slow as boulders. In the Plaza Palabra on a green iron bench a grand senora suffered the odes of schoolboys and thugs — smiled behind an opal fan while they searched for words to match their tumultuous nights — and all words fit… In July — volubility — I hoarded cherries, catalogued their juices — were they Rainier, Blood Nut, Royal Ann, Squirrel Heart, Rosebud or Bing? —then swallowed them one by one like detonations…initiations…In a fever of taxonomy I followed a squadron of dragonflies right to the vanishing point…Incarnation is a provisional state, but stretches outward like noon. For practice, I wallowed and stretched…
by Aaron Shurin, “The Practice” (via
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untitled by Kid_Curry on Flickr.

hello all, i am going to start using this tumblr account again! be prepared for a ton of photographic posts.  hope you have all been well! 

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Vermont. by abran fuego on Flickr.
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(by mynameisrowan)
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by A. Manzoni
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FALLEN TREE (by Jwhoward1991)
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R1-9A by k.3 on Flickr.

i am so utterly and completely inspired at the moment, i absolutely loved my photography course i went to tonight and cannot wait to explore heaps of ideas on the weekend!

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